Age: June 2015-4 and a half years old

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Color: Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Bubbles is a confident young lady.

Bubbles is a small, petite, very pretty, black young lady who is very special and she is four and a half years old.  Bubbles has a lovely temperament, she is very happy, adores being cuddled, and she is quite a character.  Bubbles will be a wonderful pet.  She is very lovable and loves attention.  High fences are required as she is able to jump if she gets scared.

Bubbles loves people and enjoys cuddles but she also has her quiet times.

Bubbles is lovely to walk and really good on the lead.  A real pleasure to walk.  Bubbles is a great traveller.  The world is a curious place for bubbles and she is looking forward to lots of adventures.

Bubbles is kennelled at the moment with a male greyhound she will also be fine with a greyhound girl.  She may be fine as an only dog as long as she is not left alone for any longer than 4 hour.  She would appreciate doggy company!

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