Age: 19/11/2016

Sex: Male

Size: Medium/Large (Chunky)

Color: Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Adam  is quite confident once he gets to know you but he can have his timid and shy moments.  

Adam is a medium to large (chunky) young man and  three and a half years old.  Adam is just one of those dogs that’s sometimes goes unnoticed  because he is so quiet you  hardly know he is there.  He is a very special dog, very gentle and kind and has a lovely temperament.   Adam can be quite shy when you first meet him but once he gets to know you his confidence grows.  Adam likes the lazy life and he will be a lovely companion and pet.  He likes his fuss and cuddles and really enjoys stretching out in the sun in his chill times. 

Adam  is really quite a calm boy, he does have his moments but really he just wants someone to love him so he can give love in return.

Since Adam has been with us he has been kennelled on his own.  He may be okay kennelled with a female greyhound.

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