Age: 4th October 2015

Sex: Male

Size: Medium to Large

Color: Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Basil  is a qute a confident dog and he is also quite excitable when it comes to ‘walkies’ or feeding time. He  loves his ‘laid back’ moments and loves to sunbathe

Basil  is a stunning, handsome, medium size greyhound and he is  always happy to see you and he loves his human company and cuddles and fuss.  He is always happy and has a fabulous temperament and he is a lovely character.  Basil is nearly five years and he enjoys life.  He also has his lazy times and snooze times which he enjoys.  He is very loving and cuddly and loves human company and attention.    

Basil loves to go for a walk and he can be quite strong on the lead until he settles down.  He has been fine with other breeds of dogs when we have been out with him here at the kennels although he can have his grumpy times when he has a rumbly growl.

Basil would benefit from some trips out and socialisation which is planned.

Whilst he has been with us Basil has been kennelled on his own.  We believe he has previously been kennelled with a female greyhound.  Basil is a very nice dog

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