Belle and Juele

Dogs to Home

Age: Belle, Black, DOB 21/03/2015 –  Juele, Black, DOB 25/06/2016

Sex: Both female

Size: Both medium

Color: Black

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Belle is quite nervous until she gets to know you, Juels is more confident

Belle and Juele are very special young ladies who get on so well together and have been previously homed together so they need to go to their new home as a pair.  They are very different to each other, Juele is the confident one of the two and her best friend Bella is quite nervous and relies on her friend to gain confidence and not be quite so timid and shy.   Both of them are lovely dogs.  Belle and Juele will be brilliant pets for someone who is looking for two wonderful greyhounds. They really are no trouble at all, and are truly gorgeous.

Belle and Juels are not very energetic but have the greyhound love of chilling in the fresh air.  Both like to be able to sunbathe and spend time in the outside.

Belle and Juels are excellent on the lead and love their walks and they are quite happy to go on longer walks.

Belle and Juels were homed for over a year before they came back to us as a result of a marital break down and nothing to do with the dog’s behaviour.   Unfortunately neither of the partners were in a position to keep them and our rule is that if there are any problems (human or doggy) the dogs have to come back into our care. Their previous owner is very concerned about them and still keeps in touch to see how they both are.

Kennelled together, we are looking to home them together as a pair.

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