Age: Dec 16 – nearly 3 years old

Sex: Male

Size: Medium/Large

Color: White & Black

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Bobby does have his timid times but once he knows you he is quite confident and excitable with things he loves like going for a walk or food time.  He does have his chilled laid back times.

Bobby is a medium to large, very cute, loving, white & black greyhound; ) he is nearly 3 years old. Bobby has a lovely temperament, he is always happy and has a lovely waggy tail, he adores affection and people, and he is a very special dog.  He is quite fussy and loves to be cuddled.   

Bobby is very good on the lead and enjoys his walks.

Bobby is currently living with a female greyhound and they are very close but he may be homed alone but only left for minimum periods of time.

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