Dogs to Home

Age: June 2021 – 10 months old

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Color: Brindle

Bruno has only been with us a few days so this write up may need updating after we have thoroughly assessed him.  Bruno is a puppy really and we think he would really enjoy being a family dog. 

Bruno came to us from a home where the family had only just adopted him from someone who no longer wanted him.  They adored him but the only   problem was that he suffered really badly from separation anxiety and was really stressed after 3 minutes of being alone. 

He was also very nervous of the men around the house.  Having said that he wasn’t familiar with his new owners or his surroundings.   He is particularly nervous around some men (but has become familiar with the male members of staff who work here) so he would maybe better suited to a female environment. 

He is excellent on the lead and is fine with other breeds when out walking.  He is great with children and he really is a very special dog and so loving with such a brilliant temperament.  He adores his cuddles once he gets to know you. 

Bruno is going to be a fabulous dog and pet for someone who is able to meet his special needs.  We are going to be keeping a very close eye on this young man to make sure we can meet all in his needs and find him the special home he deserves.  

Someone is required who has endless patience, tlc. And an abundance of the special love required to make him truly happy.

Someone with some experience of dogs and separation anxiety

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