Age: Dec 16  (3 years old)  

Sex: Male

Size: Medium to Large

Color: Black

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Caeser is a quiet calm gentle dog but he is also quite excitable when it comes to walkies or feeding time. He  loves his ‘laid back’ moments and loves to sunbathe

Caeser is a medium size greyhound and he will be a stunning young man.  Unfortunately at the moment he has some fur loss but this doesn’t deter him from being handsome and a lovely dog.  He is always happy and has a fabulous temperament and he is a lovely character.  Caeser is just 3 years old but he has a mature head on young shoulders.  He is a very calm dog and will be a wonderful pet. He is very loving and cuddly and loves human company and attention.  A very good first greyhound.

Caeser loves to go for a walk and he is good on the lead, and he has been fine with other breeds of dogs when we have been out with him here at the kennels.

Caeser has been kennelled previously with a female greyhound and he enjoyed his time spent with her.  He is now kennelled on his own and quite enjoys his own company.    He is just a super dog!

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