Age: July 2018

Sex: Male

Size: Large

Color: Black and White

Champ is a big, beautiful, handsome black and white dog.  Champ is a lovely, very a happy, fun loving, tail wagging, fussy, bouncy dog who loves people and will always there to give you a lovely welcome.  He is quite a confident dog and loves to go for walks.  He has been fine whilst out walking with us here and has not been interested in other breeds on his walks.  He is a great traveller and will love to share adventures with you.  Just a superstar.  He loves his cuddles and fuss and is quite outgoing.  We think he will be fine with older children possibly ten + because he is big and bouncy, fine with visiting children.  He is always eager to please.  Just an amazing dog. 

Champ is currently kennelled on his own but he has been kennelled previously with a greyhound young lady.

In terms of children he would need to be homed in a home with older children 10 + or teenagers.  OK with visiting children supervised. 

Are you interested in adopting a dog?

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