Age: 02/08/2018

Sex: Male

Size: Medium/Large

Color: Black

Codie is a really gorgeous, handsome, cuddly black, big boy.  Codie is a very happy boy with a great temperament.  He is a very confident excitable dog but oozes love and cuddles.  He loves people and gets quite excited when he goes for a walk but he soon settles down and is good on the lead and has been fine when he has met other breeds whilst walking with us here.  He also likes his chilled sunbathe times too and enjoys being outside, but he is always alert and curious as to what’s going on around him.  He is also a great traveller and will enjoy going on new adventures with you to new places.  Codi has been not been used to children at his previous kennels but he is a big bouncy dog so older teenage children’s age would more suitable for his lifestyle.  Codi is kennelled with his girlfriend at the moment and he enjoys her company.   He would be also fine homed as an only dog.  Codi is Just a super dog who will be an excellent pet and a lively companion who is looking for a very special forever home.    

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