The newest addition to our family, Daisy, came home with us on the 27th August 2019 and we’ve had her for just under three months now. Though we never would have guessed that we would have ended up with a 30kg greyhound who bears more than a passing resemblance to a medium-sized red deer (and loves nothing more than fully occupying every piece of soft furniture we have in the house), we have loved every second with our gorgeous girl and wouldn’t change her for the world.

My wife and I had discussed getting a dog for quite some time before we made our first fateful trip to Judith and John down at the Retired Greyhound Trust. Though at first my wife wanted nothing more than a Lady and the Tramp style puppy under the Christmas tree, we both quite quickly realised that adopting a rescue (or, in this case, retired) dog was what we really wanted to do. At first greyhounds were about as far from our mind as possible though, after a little research online, we became completely fascinated by these elegant looking and sweet-natured creatures.So, of course,we decided that we really needed to take a closer look!

And so, one fateful morning (and entirely on the spur of the moment), we drove down to pay a visit to the kennels at Crossing Cottage. Although we showed up completely unannounced, we were warmly welcomed by John, Judith and their team of wonderful volunteers.They sat down with us to have a chat about what we were looking for and to offer their own recommendations for which, if any, dogs would be most suitable for us. Since we both work full time, we were worried that our lifestyle would be incompatible with rehoming a retired racer but after a long and helpful discussion with the team at the RGT, we came up with a list of five or six dogs who would be most suitable for us. John and Judith then suggested we take each for a walk to get to know them a little better and out of these dogs, two immediately jumped out at us – a big blue boy called Duke and a lovely brindle girl called Daisy.

Eventually, after a great deal of agonizing over these two beautiful hounds, we decided that Daisy was the right choice for us. After a home visit from the lovely Jo and a few simple bits of paperwork, we were back home with a slightly unsure but very curious greyhound.Though it took her a week or two to really get to know us and settle in, Daisy has been almost perfect since day one. Like all greyhounds, she is equal parts sophisticated and goofball and it is a real joy to see her personality beginning to emerge. She is such a gentle, well-behaved dog and has so much love to give (unless you happen to be a squirrel!) and we could never imagine having a different dog sharing our home with us now.

In short, we can’t recommend the team at the East Midlands RGT enough and I would strongly recommend to anyone considering getting a dog (rescue or not) to pay a visit to the kennels and get to know Judith, John and all of the gorgeous, wonderful dogs waiting for a loving home. Greyhounds have all but ruined other dogs for us now and even though their size and strength might seem intimidating at first, I urge anyone considering a dog to get to know a greyhound or two before they make their choice. Speaking as someone who has owned and loved boxers, labs and terriers before, you won’t find a sweeter, gentler or more beautiful dog than a greyhound.

Do yourself a favour and pay the East Midlands Retired Greyhound Trust a visit! We guarantee you won’t regret it and you might just end up going home with more than you bargained for!

Jamie, Laura and Daisy.