Age: 17/10/2017

Sex: Male

Size: Medium/Large

Color: Blue

House Trained: No, however the dogs go out every three hours and less to toilet area.

Personality: Dave is quite energetic but he does calm down once his enthusiasm dies down    

Dave is a lovely, handsome, happy blue boy.  Dave is always pleased to see us and he is quite excitable. (as you can see from the photograph he wasn’t too keen on standing still to have his picture taken)    He is always up for love and cuddles and human company.  Dave has a lovely temperament and will be a wonderful pet.  He is a happy go lucky friendly boy who likes lots of attention.

Dave loves walking and is good on the lead, he is also a really good traveller, he will  love to go to new places.

It’s not known how Dave is with children, any children would have to be 12+ or teenagers because he is quite bounce and may knock younger children over..

Dave is currently kennelled on his own.

Dave would be better homed with someone with experience of dogs.

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