Age: 02/10/2017 – 2 years ten months old

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Color: Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Diva is young and will enjoy favourite things, people, fuss, cuddles, walks, travelling.

Diva is a pretty, small, happy, little girl and she is nearly three years old.  Diva is very cute and has a great outlook on life; she can be quite bouncy and energetic and gets excited when she goes out for a walk.  Diva  is used to children and will be fine in a family home or she would be just as happy  in a quiet home.  Diva  will be a great pet.  Diva does have her quiet times and loves being out in the sun and fresh air.  She is very happy girl and loves cuddles, lots of fuss and people.  A little superstar.

Not too keen on having her photograph!!!  Just too boring.

Good on the lead and really enjoys her walks.

Diva is kennelled her own but she may be ok with a male greyhound or other breeds.

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