Duchess & Clyde

Dogs to Home

Age: 02/12/2017

Sex: Female

Size: Small/Medium

Color: Black

Age: 04/07/2018

Sex: Male

Size: Med/Large

Color: Black

Clyde and Duchess are a bonded pair and need to be homed together.  They are a wonderful ‘couple’ and are a perfect pair of dogs for first greyhound owners.  They are quite an amazing pair of dogs and they have wonderful temperaments.  Both of them are always happy and so excited to see you.  They are cute, mischievous and so loving and cuddly.   Both of them are quite outgoing and just love life.

They are excellent travellers and will love to go on adventures with you.

Clyde gets quite excited when going for a walk but settles down after about 5 minutes and then walks well on the lead as does Duchess

Fine with other breeds when out walking

Resident children 7+

Our kennel profile:  ‘Superb, happy, loving, mild natured dogs.  Fun loving, excellent first time greyhounds’

Kennelled together and we are looking to home them together as a pair.

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