Age: February 2018

Sex: Male

Size: Medium to Large

Color: Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Eamon is quite a confident dog but he does have his lazy times.

Eamon is a very stunning, handsome, very young greyhound (he is two and a half years old).  He is a very  happy boy and loves life and he can be quite playful.    He is a medium to large size dog and he really does have a lovely temperament.and does have his lively times, he is always happy to see you and he loves his human company and cuddles and fuss.  He is a lovely character and very genuine.  He does also have his lazy times and snooze times which he enjoys and he loves to spend time outside lazing in the fresh air.   He will be a great pet and companion.

Eamon loves to go for a walk and is really good on the lead.  He has been fine with other breeds of dogs whilst he has been with us.

Whilst he has been with us Eamon has been kennelled on his own,  but he may be okay with a female greyhound.  Unsure whether he will be okay living with another.

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