Age: May 2018

Sex: Male

Size: Medium/Large

Color: Black

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Eddie is quite a timid, shy young man

Eddie is a wonderful boy; and he is very special.  He is quite a timid boy and has really been so much happier since he has had a doggie friend.  Since he has been with his friend with his friend he is much happier.  He is very gentle and very calm but he really does need a home with another dog to complete his happy world.  He has recently been homed on his own but he was quite timid and anxious in the home surroundings.   He does have his chill moments but is always ready to go for a walk.   Once he gets to know you he does realx.   He really loves his cuddles and is looking for a very special home.

Eddie is quite calm.  He loves to be outside in the sunshine. Eddie is very good on the lead and loves his walks.   

He has previously homed with an elderly gentleman for a few days but he was quite nervous.

Eddie has been kennelled with a girl and alone, but he much prefers the company of another dog.

Eddie is quite a timid, shy young man

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