Age: 5/09/2018

Sex: Male

Size: Medium/Large (more medium than large)

Color: Black

Ernie is Mr Cute and a lovely black boy, he is very special and he will be a great pet.

He is quite a confident young man and has a lovely temperament.  He loves his fuss and is very friendly and even though he is quite confident he is also quite a calm dog and he is very cuddly. 

Ernie is always raring to go and loves his walks.  He is very good on the lead but he is not keen on yappy little dogs, but he does love travelling and is good in the car. 

He has a girlfriend that he is kennelled with so he would be fine to live with a female greyhound.  

We think Ernie will be better homed with older children 7+ but he hasn’t had any experience of being around children

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