Age: 04.04.17 (nearly three)

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Color: Blue

House Trained: No

Personality: Flossie is quite confident and bouncy

Flossie is a small, very beautiful, blue young lady and she is two and a half years old.  Flossie is a very pretty young lady and she can be quite lively mainly because she is a young dog.  However, she can be bossy and can tend to cause trouble when she has been kennelled with other dogs but equally she is not happy when she is on her own.  We think trouble stems from her being too lively.  Flossie needs a busy life with children with lots of adventures and walks.   She loves human company and she is very fussy and loves lots of cuddles and praise.

Flossie is quite energetic and  loves to be around people, but is lovely to walk and good on the lead.

Flossie has been kennelled with a boy and on her own.

It is difficult to know whether Flossie would be better homed with another dog or on her own.   She would certainly be happier in a busy home.

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