After losing our beautiful greyhound Stella we had decided that our other greyhound Eddie at 10 years old would be our only dog but he had other ideas! From being a very laid back greyhound he became very stressed when left alone.
My husband had done some research into fostering and thought instead of committing to another permanent greyhound it might be a way to help out.  I contacted Judith at RGT Midlands who talked me through the process of fostering and mentioned a couple of dogs she thought would benefit from fostering. We visited RGT with Eddie and took out both dogs. Both were beautiful but Annie seemed a perfect match for both of us and most importantly Eddie, a gorgeous black greyhound with a white nose and white socks. My husband collected Annie and brought her home as I was at work. When I came home she was curled up in her bed in the kitchen eyeing everything warily. Initially the one thing that freaked her out was the washing machine but even that only fazed her for a while. She has been a dream, no accidents, knows when to leave Eddie alone and is always so excited to see her. She is still a little timid when doing or going somewhere new for the first time but is really becoming a lovely dog who gets lots of comments and fuss when out and about.
Having Annie has definitely taken the edge off grieving for Stella, we couldn’t imagine life without her and Eddie has decided we are going to adopt her!
I would recommend fostering to anyone especially if you are uncertain whether you are ready to commit to a full time greyhound, they truly are the most wonderful dogs and if needed we would always foster again.
Liz  x