Age: 10.03.2017

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Color: Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Holly is quite confident and outgoing

Holly is  a lovely, pretty, small/medium, three  year old black young lady.  Holly a lovely young lady, loves people and cuddles and  is a  very happy  and cute little girl. She has a lovely temperament and will be a lovely pet.    

Although she is quite confident Holly has her lazy times and likes lying outside in the fresh air.

Holly is good on the lead and gets excited when she knows she is going for a walk, she is also a great traveller, loves to go to new places.  And have new adventures.

Holly  is kennelled with a male greyhound and they get on really well together, she may be fine  as an only dog but must not be left alone for too long.

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Coronavirus Update

We are now beginning to rehome our greyhounds.  We are practising social distancing and anyone wishing to visit us willl have to make an appointment by telephoning 01636 822032 or e mailing Judith at judith@rgtmidlands.co.uk

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