Howard & Jewel (RESERVED)

Dogs to Home

Age: Howard – 29/11/2017 – Two and a half

Jewel- 20/08/2018 – 2 years old in August

Sex: Male & Female

Size: Howard is medium to large and Jewel is small

Color: Howard Black, Jewel is White and Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Howard is quite a calm boy, but he gets excited when he is going for a walk.  He does like to ‘chill’ and laze around and enjoys times outside in the outdoors.  He really he just wants someone to love him so he can give love in return. 

Jewel is quite energetic but she is not boisterous or bouncy

Howard is a medium to large, handsome, stunning young man and he is two and a half years old.   Howard is just a wonderful and one of those special dogs.  He is very gentle and kind dog with a brilliant temperament.  He is a very affectionate and loves his cuddles and fuss, walks and adventures and is a really good traveller.   He is just ‘Mr Cool’  Howard will need to be homed with his friend Jewel as they have always been together and are very close to each other, just a lovely couple.

Howard is a brilliant traveller including long distances and will enjoy going places with you and having new experiences and exciting adventures.

Jewel is as her name suggests a precious stone.  Jewel Is Mrs Happy, her tail is always wagging and she is always pleased to see you.  She is nearly two years old (in August 2020).   She is a  really cute, small to medium young lady with a wonderful temperament.  Jewel  has a great outlook on life and is a really happy girl.   She really likes her cuddles and hugs and is just such a little sweetheart. Jewel also  loves to be outside and ‘chill’  Jewel needs to be homed with her kennel mate Howard who she has been with all her life. Both Jewel and Howard are fine with children and they would also be okay with visiting children. 

Jewel is lovely to walk and is fine with other breeds when she sees them  out walking.  A good traveller

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