Jelly Bean (RESERVED)

Dogs to Home

Age: 02/02/2018 – Two and a half years old

Sex: Male

Size: Large

Color: White & Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Jelly Bean has been quite calm since he has been with us.

Jellybean is a big, stunning, handsome, white and black young man.  Jelly Bean is a gentle giant but he does have his silly times (he is only two and a half so he is entitled to some fun)   Jelly Bean is energetic and playful once he gets to know you, he adores people, fun, cuddles and love.  Jelly Bean  would like a busy life possibly with a family with older children or someone who is home based, Jelly Bean won’t be good left alone for a long time.

Jelly Bean is excellent on the lead and loves his walks, but is a little nervous with traffic.

Jelly Bean will be fine with children but he is so big and so lively he the children would need to be older although at his previous kennels they did have young children 

Jelly Bean is kennelled on his own


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