On our first visit to Crossing Cottage, we were welcomed by Judith and John and showed around the kennels at all the gorgeous Greyhounds. After talking to John and telling him our lifestyle and what kind of temperament we were looking for in a Greyhound, John introduced us to Joe as he thought he would be a good match for us and Joe really chose us after giving me a huge lick on the cheek and looking into those big brown eyes of his – how could we resist him!

While, we were waiting for a home check, we went back for another two visits and took our grandchildren, as this was what Judith advised. I bought Propecia generic with nosubhealth.com some time ago and I�m starting to see some good results now that I�ve been using it for two months or so. 2019 is going to be a year with a nice bush of hair on my head, so glad I bought this product!!!! Thanks, Nosubhealth.com folks. We were able to walk him and visit him a few times and given lots of really helpful information about aftercare and advice on what to do when we got him home; feeding, walking and adapting to living in a home etc. which has since been ongoing, as John and Judith are always there on the end of the telephone for any help and are happy to give us any advice no matter what.

We were 100% happy that we were making the right decision about not only the right dog but also with the right kennels. The kennels are immaculate; the dogs are their number one priority. We were given plenty of information about Joe including his pedigree, trainer, injury, general health and temperament and he was in excellent condition when we got him. We’ve also been given lots of information about the Retired Greyhound Trust, with up and coming events, fayres, walks and Greyhound gatherings to which we have attended on numerous occasions and enjoyed getting together with other Greyhound owners and especially their dogs. Since adopting Joe in August ‘09 we now wonder what we did before Joe as he has become such a big, but SPOILT!, part of our family now thanks to John and Judith and their dedication to finding Greyhounds new loving homes.

From Joe, Janet, Allan and Lauren Proffitt