Age: 9 years old

Sex: Male

Size: Medium to large

Color: White and black

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Johnny is quite confident 

Johnny is a lovely boy and although he is a mature boy, he is very happy, cuddly and quite energetic and loves his walks.  Johnny’s long time companion has now found her forever home so he would be very happy to find his forever home too.   Johnny loves his fuss and cuddles and loves humans.  He really does deserve a chance to be happy in a home again which is what he has been used to for a long time before coming into kennels.

Johnny can be quite bouncy but although he can be lively he is also quite gentle. Johnny is excellent on the lead and loves his walks.

Homed in 2015, he came back due to owner’s personal reasons.

Johnnie has kennelled both on his own and with a female greyhound

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