Dogs to Home

Age: 12/05/2015

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Color: Black


Momo is a really lovely medium black young lady and she is very sweet.  Momo has a lovely temperament and is very gentle, calm, reliable and genuine.  Mo Mo likes her cuddles and fuss.  

Momo is a pretty little girl with a lovely personality.   She can get a teeny bit excited when she is going for a walk and loves life. 

A little superstar and very special looking for a forever home.   We think Momo would be fine homed as an only dog or with a male friend; she is a very tolerant little girl and lioves with her male greyhound friend. 

Momo is excellent  on the lead and is a joy to be with and she has been fine with other breeds when walking with us here. 

Momo will be okay with children, older ones over 7 years old, she is a great traveller and loves to see new places.

Are you interested in adopting a dog?

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound visit the homing enquiries page and complete the form.