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Christmas Fayre at Crossing Cottage Greyhound Sanctuary

November 17th

11.00am til 2.00pm Stalls and refreshments, greyhound goods.

The Fayre was originally planned for the 3rd of November, but due to the inclement weather we have moved the event back to the 17th November.

Open day at the Kennelse

17th November

1.00am til 2.00pm (Crossing Cottage Greyhound Sanctuary, Ossington Lane, Sutton on Trent, Newark, Notts NG23 6QR Telephone No.01636 822032 Christmas cards and gifts on sale, meet the dogs

Thoresby Park at Thoresby Hall

23rd and 24th November

 Join us at Thorsby Park. We will be there from 10am until 6pm on both days.

Thoresby Park at Thoresby Hall, Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, NG22 9WH

Newark Market

24th November, 14th and 15th December

We will have a stall for fundraising at Newark Market.

Annual Boxing Day Walk at Crossing Cottage Kennels

26th December

meet 11.00 to walk at 11.30, Two walks one long, one shorter one for our more mature greyhounds – Bacon Butty BBQ, Posh Coffee

Unfortunately due to the stalls it will not be possible to park at the kennels.  Please park on Old Great North Road (parallel to the kennels) or Doctors Surgery car park on Hounsfield Way.(The Surgery, Hounsfield Way, Sutton on Trent, Newark Notts, NG23 6PX)

Please do not park on Barrel Hill Road or on Hempsall Lane.

News and information

Sal & Jet (RESERVED)

Sal & Jet (RESERVED)

  Sal & Jet RESERVED Age: September 2015 Sex: Female Size: Medium Color: Black House Trained: No but greyhounds are usually very good and receive lots of training here. Personality: Sal is quite confident but she can have her quiet sunbathing moments with Jet.Age:...



  Jet (RESERVED) Age:  1/02/2016 Sex: Male Size: Large Color: Blue House Trained: Greyhounds go out to toilet regularly here and are usually very clean. Personality: ConfidentJet is a big, handsome blue dog (he is quite chunky) with a lovely temperament.  Jet is 4...



  Patch RESERVED Age: 13/10/2014 Sex: Male Size: Medium /Large Color: White and Black House Trained: No Personality: ConfidentPatch is a lovely, handsome, medium size, white and black young man and he is five and a half years old . Patch has a lovely temperament and...



  Buddy Age: 18.12.14 (Five years old) Sex: Male Size: Small Color: Black House Trained:No Personality: Very nervous and shy We really think Buddy should get a chance to get a loving home.  He has been in kennels all his life and he was rescued by a gentleman who knew...



  Ozzie Age: Aug 16 – nearly 4 years old Sex: Male Size: Medium to Large Color: Black  House Trained: No Personality: Ozzie does have his timid times but once he knows you he is quite confident.  He loves lying outside in the sunshine.  He gets quite excited when he...



  Henri Age: January 2015 (5 years old) Sex: Male Size: Large Color: White & Black House Trained: No Personality: He is very confident but does have ‘occasional laid back’ moments. Henri is a big majestic stunning, handsome, white and black young man.  Henri is...



The newest addition to our family, Daisy, came home with us on the 27th August 2019 and we’ve had her for just under three months now. Though we never would have guessed that we would have ended up with a 30kg greyhound who bears more than a passing resemblance to a...



  HarleyAge: 14.06.16 - Three years old Sex: Male Size: Medium Color: Black & White House Trained: No but Very clean Personality: Harley is confident but there are times when he can be a little bit nervous. Harley is a stunning,  very handsome, medium/large black...

Peggy (Reserved)

Peggy (Reserved)

  PeggyAge: August 2016 – 3 years old Sex: Female Size: Small Color: White & Black House Trained: Yes Personality: Peggy is very confident and loves lifePeggy is a small, happy, very pretty, white and black young lady who is very special and she was 3 years old in...

Fostering Annie

After losing our beautiful greyhound Stella we had decided that our other greyhound Eddie at 10 years old would be our only dog but he had other ideas! From being a very laid back greyhound he became very stressed when left alone. My husband had done some research...


Dear Judith and John As I have been with my new owners for a week now I thought I would write and tell you how I have been getting on. Everything was very stressful at first, these people came and loaded me into the back of their car and went on a long journey. When...

Sasha & Diva

As I write this, sitting at the kitchen table.  I am being watched by two snoozing, black, beautiful greyhounds, sprawled out happily on a mound of quilts and pillows. Although we have only recently adopted, “Sasha” and “Diva”, I cannot imagine life without them....

The Carlins

In 2010 my daughter was diagnosed with Cancer, she was 11. Alex commenced a tough three years of chemotherapy,  at its worst Alex was in a wheelchair and was on morphine to control the pain which meant that she missed over two years of school it severely shook her...

Bright Rumble’s Story

We first visited John & Judith at Crossing Cottage late 2013 looking for a retired greyhound. We had admired this breed for some time; their elegance, easy-going nature and love of humans. When we realised how many ex-racers needed homes, this confirmed our...


Willow came to live with us on 7th July 2009. It was just a lucky chance that we had gone to the kennels the week before to have a look and find out about keeping a Greyhound. Judith suggested we take one for a walk and see how we got on. Willow, or Pearls Black as...

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