Age: 03/9/18 – 2 and a half years old

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Color: Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Poppy is quite confident and loves life 

Poppy is a pretty, small, (fluffy, she has her winter coat at the moment), happy, little girl and she is still a baby at two and a half years old.   Poppy is very cute and a bundle of energy but has an old head on young shoulders, she is very sensible.   She can be quite bouncy and loves life. Poppy will be a lovely pet. be and her happiness if infectious.  Poppy does have her quiet times and loves being out in the fresh air.  She is very happy girl and loves cuddles, lots of fuss and people.  A little superstar and very special.

Poppy is good on the lead and really enjoys her walks.  Because she has come from quite a remote place she is a little bit shy of traffic., but is getting used to it slowly.

Poppy is kennelled her own at the moment but she may be ok with a male greyhound or other breeds.

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