Dogs to Home

Age: 08/04/2017

Sex: Male

Size: Medium/Large

Color: Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Radar is a confident young man.

Radar is a lovely boy and he is very handsome.  He is very energetic and cuddly and he is very loving.   He has a lovely friendly happy personality and he is very special.  He loves to have his chill moments but is always ready to go for a walk.  He really loves his cuddles and is looking for a very special home. 

Radar is quite excited when he goes for a walk and is strong dog, he does calm down once he gets on his walk. Radar is a great traveller and will love the opportunity to go places with you and having new adventures.

Radar gets excited when he see smaller breeds (especially ‘yappy’ ones) but he will get better the more he sees other breeds.

Radar has been kennelled on his own but he has previously been living with a young lady.   

Radar woulod be better with someone with greyhound experience

Are you interested in adopting a dog?

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