Age: August 2013

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Color: Black

House Trained: Yes

Personality: He is quite confident but has his ‘laid back’ moments.

Razzi is a medium size, gorgeous, fabulous, black, very kind, greyhound, with an amazing character and we call him Mr Happy.  Razzi is five and a half years old, but you wouldn’t think he was any older than three, he is very happy and full of life, and he has an amazing temperament and will be a brilliant pet and companion.  He is a really super boy and loves attention and people.  He loves his cuddles and fuss and will give you unconditional love in return. 

He can be quite excited about going for but he is very good on the lead and loves his walks. 

Razzi is kennelled with his friend Joy at the moment and he gets on really well with her.  He may be OK on his own as long as he is not left for more than four hours.

Good with children (older 8+) because he is a big dog, the same applies to any visiting children.

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