Dogs to Home

Age: 14/06/2019

Sex: Male

Size: Medium/Large

Color: Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Rocky is a confident young man.

Rocky is a gentle giant and a lovely boy; he is very handsome.  He is a very young boy but is not like a puppy.  Rocky is a quiet boy and is very sweet and loving.   He has a lovely personality and he is very special.  He loves to have his chill moments but is always ready to go for a walk.  (when you can get him out of bed)   He really loves his cuddles and is looking for a very special home.  A very chilled laid back dog with dreamy eyes.

Rocky is very good on the lead and loves his walks.  Rocky is a great traveller and will love the opportunity to go places with you and having new adventures.

Rocky has been kennelled with a girl and has also spent time on his own. 

Are you interested in adopting a dog?

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