Age: 21/07/2018

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Color: Black

Ruby is a very special young, black, small, petite, young lady, she is very cute and a pretty little girl.  Ruby is quite reserved and can be timid but she is also a very happy little girl and she is always pleased to see you and loves fuss. 

Ruby is not too confident but once she gets to know you she will relax in your company. 

Ruby loves her walks and is excellent on the lead and not interested in other breeds when out walking.  She is also a great traveller. 

We think Ruby would be okay with children, older ones 7+. 

Ruby will need to be homed as an only dog as she would like all the attention lavished on her and only her and is not keen on sharing.  Ruby would not be happy being left on her own for long.

Ruby will need to be homed as an only dog

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