Age: 23/07/2018

Sex: Male

Size: Med/Large

Color: Blue

House Trained: 

Personality: Sammo is a very confident young man.

Sammo is a medium to large, handsome, blue young man.   He has a great personality, very outgoing and is always eager to please, he is quite lively   He really is a gorgeous dog with a big heart and personality to match.   He does have his chill moments but is always raring to go.  Samoa  loves people and cuddles.  Because he is quite a ‘lively’ greyhound it would not be possible to re home him with children, however, teenagers would be okay. Ideally Sammo is looking for a home with experienced dog owners. Who are knowledgeable and able to teach him the ways of the world, he is definitely not a first dog.

He is gorgeous though and will be a great pet.

Sammo is good on the lead and loves his walks but he is a strong dog and can be quite ‘pully’ until he calms down.  He is okay with othr breeds that we have seen here whilst out walking.  He will be happy to do long walks.

Sammo is quite interested and curious on his walks but he has been fine on walks here with other breeds.  He is quite ‘pully’ but a haltie or harness will help. 

Sammo needs to be re homed with Someone  with previous experience of dogs.

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