Trey & Mindy

Dogs to Home



Age: 07/08/19

Sex: Male & Female

Size: Mindy Small to Medium Trey Medium/large

Color: Both Black

Trey and Mindy are brother and sister and would like to stay together

Trey is a beautiful medium to large black dog is a cuddly, fussy, handsome black boy with a lovely temperament.  Mindy is just as loveable as Trey. 

They are both lovely dogs who are very attached to each other and are no problem at all.  They walk well on the lead and have been fine with other breeds of dogs whilst out walking. 

Both are quite confident and love life.  They love to snooze and chill in the fresh air.  

They will be okay homed with older children (teenagers).  They are both good travellers and will love trips out and new adventures.   We are looking to home them together as a bonded pair.

Must be homed together

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