Dogs to Home

Age: 20/02/2019

Sex: Male

Size: Small to Medium

Color: Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Trojan is a confident young man.

Trojan is a real poppet.  He is a small little black boy and he really is a character.  He is very independent but very cute and cuddly.   He has had a pretty upside down past and moved around quite a lot, even though he is very young and he really needs a stable home with someone who knows greyhounds well and is at home most of the time.    He has a lovely personality, he is very outgoing and is always eager to please, he is a very easy dog but we do feel that he might experience separation anxiety which is why we are looking for a home where he is not going to be left too long alone.  He really is a gorgeous dog with a big heart and personality to match.   He does have his chill moments but is always ready to go for a walk and up for a cuddle and a fuss.

Trojan can be energetic but on the whole he is quite calm and very manageable, he does also have his laid back times.

Trojan is excellent on the lead and loves his walks.  I am in my seventies and I enjoy walking him he is so good.

Trojan  is currently kennelled on his own.

Trojan needs to be re homed with Someone  who is home most of the time

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