Willow came to live with us on 7th July 2009. It was just a lucky chance that we had gone to the kennels the week before to have a look and find out about keeping a Greyhound. Judith suggested we take one for a walk and see how we got on. Willow, or Pearls Black as she was, had been returned to RGT and was looking for a home. Well, one walk was all it took, and after a home check, she became one of our family. A sad depressed dog then, unsure and insecure.

Gradually she came out of her shell and began to trust us and show her real character. And what a gem she has turned out to be. Great fun, mad moments, gentle, lovable, affectionate and beautiful to look at. She loved to race around the garden, which began to look like a race track! It took some time before I risked letting her off the lead for a run on the marsh, but as long as there were no other dogs she was fine. She also had to get used to our son’s Beagle, called Poppy, plus a bundle of energy called Pippa, a Parsons Jack Russell belonging to our daughter. Willow and Pippa are now great friends. Unfortunately on 13th January 2011, Willow raced off after some friends and their dogs while we were on the marsh. At the far end of the marsh is a 10 ft dyke, and Willow was unable to stop. She tried to jump it but crashed into it and broke her left front leg. With help from my daughter and a friend we got her out, my husband came down with the 4 x 4 and with more help got her to the surgery in Newark. They did what they could to ease her pain, and then we took her to the Veterinary Hospital at Castle Donnington. The Surgeon there did what he could to save her leg but it was too badly smashed, and it had to be amputated. After a few
days we got her home and slowly she started to cope with her disability. She was naturally very depressed and disorientated, but is now going for short walks and visits to John and Judith at RGT.

Now in February she has started playing with her squeaky toys again and pulling her bed about when she is excited!. She trots down the garden and races back to the house! Through it all she has never once showed any sign of bad temper and is as lovable as ever. Her coat is growing in and despite her loss she is still our beautiful lovable Willow.