Age: 3rd September 2018

Sex: Male

Size: Large

Color: Black

House Trained: No

Personality: Zane is quite a confident dog and loves life

Zane is a beautiful handsome big black dog with an amazing temperament and he is very gorgeous.  Also really cute with his floppy ear that does just as it wants to.  Zane is a baby and he is so lovely, happy, and cuddly and he is unfazed by anything.    He really is Mr Happy go Lucky.   He also has his lazy times and snooze times which he enjoys and he loves to spend time outside lazing in the fresh air. He is going to be a great pet with a fabulous temperament to match, very loving and cuddly and loves human company and attention.

Zane has lots of energy and gets quite excited when he knows he is going for a walk. Zane loves to go for a walk and is good on the lead.   He does weave about a bit but that will go with time and experience of the outside world.  He has been fine with other breeds of dogs whilst he has been with us.

Zane would enjoy family life but he would be just as happy with a couple with no children.  He has been fine with visiting children here at the kennels.  Resident family children would need to be 7+

Whilst he has been with us he has been kennelled on his own.  He would however be fine with a female companion.

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