Dear Judith and John

As I have been with my new owners for a week now I thought I would write and tell you how I have been getting on.

Everything was very stressful at first, these people came and loaded me into the back of their car and went on a long journey. When we stopped they took me through this gate into a really large garden, I had a run around but didn’t want to go too far in case I got lost. I did find it comforting that I had my own bed with me and I lay on that for a lot of the time watching what was going on. I was able to lie in front of a nice fire in the evening but everything was very strange and I didn’t want anything to eat.

On my second day I tried to persuade them to bring me back to you by standing at the gate and looking sad but they wouldn’t let me back into the car. I then discovered that there were some interesting things called pheasants to chase in the garden, they also left some really smelly droppings on the lawn so I had a good roll, it made me feel a bit happier and a lot smellier. I had a good wash down later that day as my owners didn’t appreciate the smell.

By Monday I was starting to feel more at home and decided I had better eat some food particularly as it had some freshly cooked chicken in it. My new owners were giving a lot of fuss so I decided that perhaps things were not so bad after all and started to feel less stressed.
On Tuesday I got a new bed, it is ever so comfortable and is made of something called memory foam and it helps the leg I no longer have! I am getting quite used to the routine now and have started to meet some different people and they all make a great fuss of me which I love. I also like my evenings stretched out in front of the fire.

I chase around the garden every day, there is lots to see and when my mistress is gardening I like to lie in the sun and watch what is going on. I have also got used to both my owners going out, sometimes together, sometimes separately but they always come back and I am always pleased to see them.

In the morning my master comes down first and I go up the garden with him to let the chickens out, I have a chase around but know not to bother the chickens as they belong like me to my owners. My mistress gives me a good brushing every day which removes some of my undercoat so I am looking very glossy now and she makes a big fuss of me

Today, I met my neighbour for the first time, he is a black Labrador about the same height as me, we had a good sniff around each other then I led him on a chase around the garden but he couldn’t keep up with me as I am so fast. I enjoyed meeting him and will see more of him now that we are friends.

I have sent you a couple of photo’s of me in the garden as I thought you would like to see how I look now.

Perhaps if you are coming anywhere near were I now live you will call in to see me.

A big lick