How You Can Help

Not everyone can give one our dogs a home, but we still need your help.

We have a range of sponsorship opportunities that can really help us to help more retired greyhounds.

Looking after greyhounds while they are with us is an expensive business and sponsorship makes it possible to help even more greyhounds.

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsor a dog

Why not sponsor a retired greyhound?

For this you get photos, a certificate, and information to update you on your dog throughout the year. If your sponsored dog is homed details of a replacement greyhound are sent to you.

Sponsoring one of our long term residents costs just £30.00 per year

Sponsor a kennel

By sponsoring a kennel you can help us look after more retired greyhounds while we find them a new home. Each kennel carries the name of the sponsor, and you’ll receive updates on the work we do throughout the year.

Sponsoring Kennel costs just £60.00 per year.

Sponsoring a show

We hold a number of dog shows throughout the year. You can sponsor a class at these shows for just £20.00. Sponsors will get their name or dedication on the rosettes for their chosen class, their name will appear in the programme of the show and sponsors will be able to present the rosettes to the chosen winners.

A gift with a difference

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a birthday or for Christmas, why not sponsor a dog or a kennel in your loved one’s name. We’ll send all the updates throughout the year to your chosen person, and their name will appear in our list of generous sponsors.

What our sponsors say

Hi, we are sponsoring greyhounds at the moment at Cross Cottage Greyhound sanctuary. Our first dogs were Flo and Fonzie. Flo has been adopted which is really good news. We are getting reports from Jane that Flo is doing really well. We are now sponsoring Lena and Fonzie. We have a menagerie of pets at home so cannot have greyhounds ourselves. It is lovely to know we are supporting these wonderful graceful dogs until they are adopted. If you work and are unable to adopt for what ever reason. It might be nice to sponsor a dog or dogs knowing you are helping to support them until they find a forever home. We have supported a greyhound’s charity for many years, but this is the first time we have actually sponsored individual dogs. We have photos of the dogs and regular feed back. We have visited our dogs and taken them a walk. We don’t live near the kennels or I would be there every day grooming and exercising the dogs. Judith is really nice. The kennels are lovely. We will be going to see our new dog soon. Please consider sponsoring or adopting a greyhound they make wonderful pets and the back up you will receive is there if you should need it.


Pat and Roger proud sponsors of greyhounds.

We would love to have a greyhound or two but because we have rabbits and a cat wandering around the house along with free range chickens and rabbits outside in the garden we cannot safely accommodate a dog. However sponsoring a greyhound means that we can feel we have a dog, just letting the kind people at Crossing Cottage look after it for us until the dog finds its forever home. Every year there is a dog show organised by the kennels which is great fun and we try and attend to enter our sponsored dog in some of the classes. They usually return to the kennels with a rosette or two and these are displayed with pride.

Interested in Sponsorship?

If you’d like to find out more about our sponsorship opportunities contact Jane Lidster on janelidster@btinternet.com or call 07931 370787. Alternatively complete the form below and we’ll contact you. Please ensure you leave your contact number.

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Our Sponsors

We’d like to thank everyone who sponsors either a dog or a kennel. Your kind donations ensure that all our dogs are happy and healthy while we find them a new family.

Dog Sponsors

Thank you to everyone for sponsoring one of our long term residents.

Wini Spencer
M Bullard
M Partridge
P Betts
K Ham
M Grace
Isla de Silva
J Butterworth
W Orchard
D Guest
G Don
M Marchant
C Sharratt
J Hudson Smith
B Robertson
P Wood
Mrs Bennett
N McCarthy
Valerie Harris
Chloe & Abbie
Susan Head
Ben & William
Laura & Adam
Jean Cameran
Jose Haupt
Phillip & Linda
L Harrison
Rosie & Jonty
Shirley Bennett
Carole Bannister
Sandra & Ian Ward
Lizzie Wood
119 Derby Beaver Scouts
Pat & Wilfred Fisher
Ruth and Anthony Bonsell
Annie, Elena and Michael Cast
Shelley Wood 

Kennel Sponsors

Thank you to everyone who sponsors one of our kennels.

David & Karen
Graham Don
Gerry & Mo
C & D Ash
D Read
S & K Dymond
T Bostock
Eric & Inge Wileman
Jon Stabler
N Mannings & S Merkin
S & E Brown
S Brown
Sally Smith
Handsome & Lulu
N & M Ashby
Tony & LouLou
S Barnett
A McGuirk
Val & Fuzz
Earl Shilton Vets
Mr & Mrs Craid
SM Longdon
Janice Knight
K Richardson & Tony Richardson
Janet Hudson-Smith
Helen and Dan Marshal
Pat & Roger Fisher
Topher and Verena Batchelor
Shiu Li and Web Mountague