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The newest addition to our family, Daisy, came home with us on the 27th August 2019 and we’ve had her for just under three months now. Though we never would have guessed that we would have ended up with a 30kg greyhound who bears more than a passing resemblance to a...

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Fostering Annie

After losing our beautiful greyhound Stella we had decided that our other greyhound Eddie at 10 years old would be our only dog but he had other ideas! From being a very laid back greyhound he became very stressed when left alone. My husband had done some research...

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Dear Judith and John As I have been with my new owners for a week now I thought I would write and tell you how I have been getting on. Everything was very stressful at first, these people came and loaded me into the back of their car and went on a long journey. When...

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Sasha & Diva

As I write this, sitting at the kitchen table.  I am being watched by two snoozing, black, beautiful greyhounds, sprawled out happily on a mound of quilts and pillows. Although we have only recently adopted, “Sasha” and “Diva”, I cannot imagine life without them....

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The Carlins

In 2010 my daughter was diagnosed with Cancer, she was 11. Alex commenced a tough three years of chemotherapy,  at its worst Alex was in a wheelchair and was on morphine to control the pain which meant that she missed over two years of school it severely shook her...

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Willow came to live with us on 7th July 2009. It was just a lucky chance that we had gone to the kennels the week before to have a look and find out about keeping a Greyhound. Judith suggested we take one for a walk and see how we got on. Willow, or Pearls Black as...

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Eddie & Stella

If someone had told me a couple of years ago that I would have 1 greyhound nevermind 2 vying for position on my settee I would have never believed it but we have – both from Judith and John Morton at Crossings Cottage in Newark. The background to our introduction to...

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On our first visit to Crossing Cottage, we were welcomed by Judith and John and showed around the kennels at all the gorgeous Greyhounds. After talking to John and telling him our lifestyle and what kind of temperament we were looking for in a Greyhound, John...

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Andy & Rosie

Having persuaded Val, my wife, that we should think about having a dog, she actually came up with the idea of a retired greyhound and, much to her astonishment, I immediately made an appointment to visit Crossing Cottage Kennels.  She agreed to go, but only on the...

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Appeal for photographsYour pictures in our calendar

We are looking for photographs of your greyhounds for our 2021 Calendar.  Could you please send your photographs as attachments to judith@rgtmidlands.co.uk?