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We are the Retired Greyhound Trust East Midlands a local charity that has been established to ensure the long-term welfare of greyhounds after retirement from racing. Every year between eight and nine thousand greyhounds, aged from 2 to 6 years, retire from racing and, thanks to the efforts of the RGT, many of them are found new homes with families.

We are an approved Homing Centre in the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) retirement scheme.

Announcements & updates

All the latest information from Crossing Cottage, including updates around COVID-19.

In line with Government recommendations we are inviting visitors to the kennels by appointment only. If you would like to make an appointment please call 01636 822032 or e-mail

Appointments are in the mornings around 10.00 am. We are open for visits every day including weekends. Please be aware that we are not willing to re home greyhounds to families with children under 7.

Many thanks

John and Judith Morton

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You can help support us this Christmas by buying something from our online store. Each purchase helps us look after more dogs and find them homes.

Christmas ccards and 2021 calendars are now in stock.

Getting Involved

Help us make a difference 

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to continue here at the Kennels, you have been amazing and we can’t thank you enough for keeping us and the greyhounds going through these past months.    Without your help we would not have survived.  You are still continuing to help us by donating food, cleaning products, pooh bags, donating money from the sale of masks and even a bike.  You are truly wonderful!!


We have a variety of ways you can help us raise even more money to look after these special dogs. You can also make a direct donation to us via PayPal and Give as you Live

Your donations:


Can buy 25 tins of dog food


Can buy two 15kg bags dog biscuits


Will help feed all of our dogs for the day

Donate through Give as you Live Donate


Not everyone can give one our dogs a home, but we still need your help.
We have a range of sponsorship opportunities that can really help us to help more retired greyhounds.
Looking after greyhounds while they are with us is an expensive business and sponsorship makes it possible to help even more greyhounds.

Sponsorship is also the perfect gift for the animal lover close to you. You can give sponsorship in someone’s name for as little as £2.50 per month

Adopting a greyhound

Greyhounds make wonderful family pets. They are intelligent, lovable, fun-loving, gentle creatures and make loyal companions for people of all ages. Many people think that greyhounds need lots of exercise. But the truth is they are sprinters rather than long distance runners. Two 20-minute walks every day is enough to satisfy them, although they are also happy to go on longer walks.

Job Opportunity

Volunteer Dog Walker

Come and join our team, get some fresh air and help a greyhound have a happier day.

We are looking for volunteer dog walkers in the mornings between 8.00am and 11.00am at Crossing Cottage Greyhound Sanctuary, Sutton on Trent , Near Newark.

We are operating within social distancing rules in acccordance with government guidelines

Must have experience with dogs and transport.   If you are interested please email

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Opening Times

Our opening times are every  morning, by appointment only, arrival times 10.00 til 11.30.    Bring comfy shoes for walking.  Please bring your masks.

Telephone enquiries  and to make an appointment 01636 822032

This number is only available between 9.00 and 4.00 unless your call is urgent or an emergency

E mail enquiries –

Many thanks

Judith and John Morton
Crossing Cottage Greyhound Sanctuary

What We do

Finding homes

Our job is to find the right homes for our charges. The dogs we have available can be seen on this site. Come along and get information about greyhounds, chat to current greyhound owners, meet the greyhounds and take one for a walk.


We know not everyone can adopt a greyhound, but you can still help us look after these lovely dogs, by taking part in fundraising activities. If you have an idea to raise money you can get in touch with us.

Greyhound Care

We have a complete guide on how to care for your greyhound, from when you take them home all the way through to house training, feeding, and what to do as they get older.

Adoption Process

We want to make sure you get the right dog, and the dogs get the right owner. We’ll walk you through the entire process of adopting a greyhound, including introductions and home checks.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our job is to find the right homes for our charges. The dogs we have available can be seen on this site and there is also lots of information about greyhounds and how to look after them. Have a look and then give us a call – or better still come to to the kennels and meet the dogs.

You can follow Crossing Cottage Greyhound Sacntuary on Facebook to find out the latest news from the kennels. 

Get Involved

If you’d like to get involved with Crossing Cottage Greyhound Sanctuary, we are always looking for people to help. From helping to care for our residents, or helping to organise events, or to help with fundraising.

Upcoming Events

Christmas Fayre and Open Day

November 17th

Thoresby Park at Thoresby Hall

23rd & 24th November

Newark Market

24th November, 14th and 15th December

Annual Boxing Day Walk at Crossing Cottage Kennels

26th December


Featured Dogs



Age: May 2018 Sex: Male Size: Medium/Large Color: Black House Trained: Yes Personality: Eddie is quite a timid, shy young manEddie is a wonderful boy; and he is very special.  He is quite a timid boy and has really been so much happier since he has had a doggie...



Age: April 2019 Sex: Male Size: Medium/Large Color: Black House Trained: No Personality: Turk is a very confident young man.Turk is a lovely boy; he is a very young handsome dog and he is a very happy boy.  He is quite lively and has a lovely personality and he is...



Age: February 2017 Sex: Female Size: Medium Color: Black House Trained: No Personality: Nina  is quite a confident out walking but she is quite a timid young lady.Nina is a very pretty, cute, fun loving black young lady,  she has a lovely temperament and is very...

Belle and Juele

Belle and Juele

Age: Belle, Black, DOB 21/03/2015 -  Juele, Black, DOB 25/06/2016 Sex: Both female Size: Both medium Color: Black House Trained: Yes Personality: Belle is quite nervous until she gets to know you, Juels is more confidentBelle and Juele are very special young ladies...



Age: 08/04/2017 Sex: Male Size: Medium/Large Color: White and Black House Trained: No Personality: Bazza is quite a confident young man Bazza is a medium to large, handsome, cuddly, white and black young man.  He is very cute, always happy and will be a lovely pet. ...



Age: 08/04/2017 Sex: Male Size: Medium/Large Color: Black House Trained: No Personality: Radar is a confident young man.Radar is a lovely boy and he is very handsome.  He is very energetic and cuddly and he is very loving.   He has a lovely friendly happy personality...