Age: May 2016 (3 and a half years old)

Sex: Male

Size: Small to Medium

Color: Blue

House Trained: No

Personality: Jackson is confident in a calm way, but he does have a timid shy side. 

Jackson is a small to medium, three and a half years old, stunning, handsome, blue greyhound and he is a real gentleman.   Jackson is a really wonderful dog with a fabulous temperament and he is quite special.  He does have a timid side but he will win any prospective owners heart.  He is very gentle and extremely chilled and loves attention, cuddles and people.    He loves to be out and about.

Jackson is excellent on the lead and loves his walks.

Jackson is kennelled with a female greyhoundand he really enjoys her company, but we feel that he would also be ok to live alone in the right circumstances and not left for more than four hours. 

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